I offer workshops and individual tuition for Quartz Composer and VDMX.

Quartz Composer Tuition

Quartz Composer tuition is suitable for various skill levels and can be tailored to suit your needs.

Quartz Composer can serve a variety of uses. It is a versatile application that can serve a variety of functions. It uses OpenGL, GLSL, OpenCL, Core Image, Core Video, Javascript and other technologies to build a API and a Developer tool built around a simple Visual Programming Language.

Some of the subjects that can be taught include

  • Interactive Motion Graphics
  • Digital Display Signage
  • Data Visualization
  • User Interface Prototyping
  • Interactive Design
  • Mac OS X Screensavers
  • RSS powered signage

I can also run workshops for groups of between 10-20. If you are a University, Venue or Art space interested in running a workshop get in touch via the Contact page.

VDMX Tuition

VDMX is one of the most versatile video applications available on the market today. Its is fully Quartz Composer compatible allowing you to not only use motion graphics compositions but also create complex customised effects and filters. VDMX has many strengths and works particularly well for building Audio Reactive visuals and effects. It can integrated into many existing systems and has support for MIDI, OSC, DMX, Blackmagic Hardware, Flash, HTML, GLSL, Free Frame and Free Frame GL effects.

VDMX can be used in a large range of set ups from Theatre Shows to Complex Mapping set ups.

Tuition can tailored to suit your requirements.

Some of the subjects taught can include.

  • Getting started with VDMX
  • Advanced use of VDMX
  • Creating custom effect and plugins
  • Video Mapping
  • Integrating VDMX into your current visual set up
  • Use with Live Cameras and Streaming
  • Use as a Media Server and Lighting Console via DMX

I can also run workshops for groups of between 10-20. If you are a University, Venue or Art space interested in running a workshop get in touch via the Contact page.

Examples of past work.

Client 1

Working with the show designer for Django Django i was bought on board to teach their lighting and video designer how to integrate Quartz Composer and VDMX into their show. Over the course of three days we focussed on creating a set of custom Quartz Composer effects that were the used inside a custom VDMX template. This was then used for a mapping set up and control of a DMX lighting system. This set up was used for the bands 2013 summer festival tours and used extensively across the US and Europe.

Client 2

Working with a marketing company i assisted in the creation of a series of digital display signs that were placed in various locations throughout the UK. Each of these signs ran a custom Quartz Composer patch and Media Server that could be dynamically updated in Real Time via a custom RSS feed. This allowed the client to interact with their target base and updated with focussed content depending on a variety of variables. For example the signs changed there target message at different times of the day depending on audience most likely to be viewing the signage at that time of day. This allowed for much more targeted experience to those viewing the content.

Client 3

Game City is a internationally recognised games festival that takes place in Nottingham UK each year.  I was commissioned  to create a series of audio reactive compositions that were displayed on large screen throughout the festival for the public to interact with.

I worked with the festival coordinators to create dynamic content that would connect with the public.


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