I never got round to posting much over the past year so thought it would be good to look back at some of the highlights of 2014.


In Feburary there was a last minute gig covering for Blend Visuals at Faded in Nottingham giving me a chance to play on one of there cube installations.

March saw the Temple Time festival take place at Temple Works Leeds. A week long series of warehouse events. Working together with Rich Hilson on the visual production.



In April the Dead Fader albums and videos we worked on at the start of the year got released. John released two new albums that received widespread acclaim.

Dead Fader – Tubed

Jim Warrier – VFX and Editing
John Cohen – Director
Zoya Bassi – Camera


Dead Fader – Tenblum

Jim Warrier – VFX and Editing
John Cohen – Director
Zoya Bassi – Camera


The highlight of the year came in may with a special performance at Looking Outside My Window. A chance to work with the Icelandic band Mùm. Curated by Tupac Martir the show took place at Rich Mix in London and also featured performance by Plaid and Bruno Zamborlin. I created visuals for both performances and worked with all new content created for each created for the shows and had the pleasure to work alongside lighting director Bambi Bueno.




Another trip to London in May to assist Kim Coleman for a special show with US band Spoon. Worked on fine tuning the video set up for Kim visual show alongside the bands performance at Oslo, Hackney London


Dead Fader at Krake festival was another high point giving us the chance to finally play live with the kaleidoscope set up with have been playing with a make videos from for a while.




September and October i worked with M-nus records a label who’s music i have always held in high regard for the visual aesthetic of everything the label releases.

A video for Whyt Noyz previewing their first EP on M-nus receiving additional direction for Ali Demirel



Two quartz composer patches i created for Ali Demirel were used for some of his live shows with Richie Hawtin. Performed live by Ali using his 2V-P software.

Richie Hawtin_Enter LA_Minuek


minuek -Richie Hawtin


A video for the Fer BR envelopes ep on M-NUSMAX


Another last minute show to fill in for Ahmet Said Kaplan and run the show for the London premiere of Gaiser Live AV. A chance to work with Ahmet’s beautiful custom visuals that have been created for these live shows. It’s first premiered at ADE in June and was great to help out.






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