Vuo has come on a long way since the early betas with the 0.8 release adding a huge  amount a functionality.



In anticipation of the 1.0 release there is a bunch of feature requests that require community support and pledging of credits. Many who signed up lsat year will have some spare credits in there account and now could be a great time to pledge towards any features you would like to see. http://vuo.org/feature-request

Vuo are also now offering 1 free credit when you uploading your first composition to the gallery http://vuo.org/composition


The roadmap shows what they have planned for the next few releases and Vuo’s future priorities are influenced by the users. http://vuo.org/roadmap

In other Vuo news Coge now has basic support for Vuo composition loading. Hopefully the first of many applications to support it.



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