I have recently worked with Game City  to create some Interactive pieces that will be shown throughout the festival in Nottingham from the 19th – 26th October. As part of the 2 Big Screens installation there will be a period each day that will feature some audio reactive graphics that the public can interact with.


This looks to be something very special with the large screens being moved into different configurations on each day of the festival. The screens will encourage participation and is set to feature work by some great UK based games videogame companies and some interactive work by myself.

Game City is Europe’s largest videogame culture festival with over 45,000 visitors a year and it’s great to see interactive video to become part of the event.

To launch the 2 Big Screens the will be the UK premier of the new Pixel Pyros show an event from brilliant artist Seb Lee-Delisle. On Friday 18 October, from 7.30pm, head down to the Market Square, Nottingham for a dazzling interactive display of digital fireworks. This is a huge digital firework display projected on to a 60ft screen that you can walk up to  and touch to launch them.

Thanks to Iain Simmons for the invitation to produce work for this event. Game City is supported by Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham City Council with additional support from many of the worlds leading games developers.


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