I will be running a Quartz Composer workshop that will take place on the 12th October at the BYOB Leicester event. The workshop will give a overview of using Quartz Composer for motion graphics and using Quartz compositions in VJ sets. It may also touch on some VDMX integration


Thanks to Tony Coleman of Blend Visuals for putting this together.


We are pleased to announce that we have the “uber skillz” of Jim Warrier (http://destroythingsbeautiful.com/ ) over once again (this time from Berlin) to offer Quartz Composer sessions. If your not familiar with Quartz or what it can do, head over to the Quartz Composer group on FB and have a nose:


Spaces on this workshop ARE LIMITED. So a separate event page will be up soon, all those interested in learning Quartz (and possibly a little VDMX) should bang down their interest under this post until the event is up and running.


Participants must have a macbook with 10.6 and Developer Tools and QC installed.

Go to …


… and search for Graphics Tools for X Code 4.6 January 2013 then install. You will need to install X Code from the app store first.

And … “Be helpful if people have http://syphon.v002.info/ installed for qc.”


Jim will also be offering a unique pack of his own Quartz composer creations for participants of his workshop (may be used in Resolume / VDMX etc).

And to kickstart you on your Quartz ways, Jim recommends reading through these …






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