Always a nice change to do some video for classical music.

Here is a few pics from the London event in December.

A little bit about Yellow Lounge.

Yellow Lounge brings classical music bang up-to-date, leaving a trail of twin-sets, pearls and grey suits in its wake.Established seven years ago in the Berlin club scene, Yellow Lounge took the classical rule book and tore it up before ingeniously stitching it back together. Kicking and screaming, flashing and dancing, Yellow Lounge fuses the greatest international performers with cutting-edge DJ and VJ sets in urban spaces.Experience the evolution of music.

Its a standard set up no fancy mapping. The venue has been different every time and for this event we had 5 10k projectors set up in the Old Vic Tunnels beneath Waterloo station in London.

All the content was created in Quartz Composer.

We run video during the DJ sets then switch over to live camera feeds during the live acts.

All video was created by Jim Warrier and Liam Achaibou









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