One of the nice new features in the latest betas of VDMX b8 is the built in “Movie Recorder” plugin.

This has removed the need to use Syphon and Syphon recorder to capture video out of VDMX.

You will find it in the plugin tab of the workspace inspector. Once added there is a simple record “Record Video” button to get going and once you have finished recording the clip is dropped straight into your media bin.

The recorded clip is saved to your movies folder.

You can adjust the settings the movie renders at either via the VDMX preferences menu or for a bit more control you can access the settings in the “Movie Recorder Inspector”.

By default it renders the movie at the resolution of your main output window. To change this uncheck the “Record at native resolution” check box and input your chosen settings.

There is also settings for throttling the frames per second (Set at 30 fps by default) and a option to quantize the imported clips.


You can grab demo of vdmx at http://vidvox.net


Here’s a short video showing the movie recorder in action.



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