Playing with mesh creators in Quartz Composer.


5 thoughts on “Mesh Line Iteration

  1. Hi there…. How do you work with Iterators to do that? Im tying to understand Quartz, But that part is really a mistery so far for me. By the way good blog with lots of good stuff to watch and learn:)

      • I cant really understand the iterator so that it can give me a loop for example. Maybe im forgetting something simple. Can you send me a simple example of an iterator working? Thanks for the answer in so short notice:)

  2. Only today i had the time to see the example that you sent. Simple and easy to understand. The first time i see an iterator working and understand all the connections. Now i will play a little to see what i can do.
    Thank you so much for your help.

    Hope to see new projects from you soon.

    Best Regards

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