A short tutorial to show how to make a audio reactive cirlce in VDMX b8   vidvox.net

1. Create a new project. In Layer 1 Source Click the use source drop down menu and select QC Sources> Circle Generator.qtz


2. In the QC Interface on Layer 1 go the QC Circle Generator radius and set the minimum envelope to 0.15 then sat the maximum envelope to 0.7


3. In the Layer 1 FX switch of Replace and add the following effects.

Stylize > Edge Work   Input Radius 1.5

Color Effect > False Color  Select a color

Color Effect > RGB Trails  gWeight 0.50 rWeight 0.55 aWeight 0.45

Vidvox > Reflection 


4. Select the Plugins tab in the workspace inspector then add a audio analysis plugin. Select your input device.

5. Select the Layers tab and right click on the Radius of the circle generator and select Use Data Source > Audio Analysis 1 > Peak Frequency



6. You should now have a nice Audio Reactive circle. Play Around with settings. Add more effects. Syphon it out to another application, Syphon it back in add more effects, Go Crazy.






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