The Modulate Collective were invited to host the saturday night of the woodland area which featured a special Higher Intelligence Agency show celebrating 20 years since the first Oscillate events in Birmingham

The venue was a 360 Geodesic dome ran by the Rejenr8 Crew from Australia fed via a Matrix to 5 projectors. All the Modulate collective used Quartz Composer to create content and optionally some used MadMapper to allow them to split the dome into multiple surfaces.

Using Quartz Composer also added a lot of flexibility in how the content was aware of the shape of the dome, using the 1024_Image_To_Structure patch allowed me to use a image of the dome as a structure on which to build the visual content around within quartz.

All my content for the dome was created in Quartz Compser using 1024_Structure tools from 1024 Architecture and Kineme GL Tools via Syphon into MadMapper and controlled via ToucOSC.

Here’s a few photos from inside the dome courtesy of Modulate







2 thoughts on “Shambala Festival with Modulate Collective

    • Hi
      The patch used lots of macro patches in a master patch. Is there a particular part you are interested in.

      The patch is a bit messy but if you send me your email to the address on the contact page i can send it across.
      I will try and add some notes so you can make sense of it.

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