The amazing 1024_Architecture blog recently released 1024_city plugin for Quartz Composer.


This plug in allows you to create generative city like geometry in real time.

Here’s the description from the 1024 blog.

Yes, we are architects/urbanists after all. At some point it seems natural to merge our fields in one plugin, for fun, and for the study of an idea.

So this is a very experimental plugin to generate some city like geometry.
Undocumented, but I’ve included a few example files in the download.

It is a current work in progress, aiming at a fully dynamic/morphable city panorama system (ouch!). It already features a VertexArray Lerp, so that you can morph from one city to the other (by using SaveStart and SaveTarget, then enabling interpolation, provided Start and Target are different).

This plugin iteration was coded by our young padawan soF. There *might* be some problems so use it at your own risk. (I like saying that: it could nuke your computer, or not).Get it from the QC PlugIn Repository under the experimental section.

Now this is a great plug in for Quartz users and as i use VMDX for a lot of post processing of my .qtz files and live performance i thought i’d make a qcfx for VDMX with all the parameters published.

So now VDMX can generate 3D cities in real time!!!

Ive included 2 different qcfx files.

First one has a limited amount of settings available and a vertetx shader for some warping.

The second allows for full control of generating the cities within VDMX.

Here’s some screen shots from VDMX.

And here’s a video.


Grab the download here  https://destroythingsbeautiful.wordpress.com/downloads/


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