Here’s a generator for VDMX using the new 1024_Structure_Tools and Kineme GL Tools.

You will need to have both those plugins installed for Quartz Composer.



VDMX Published inputs.

Scale in/Scale out –  Control the vertex warping on the waveform

Segments – Changes the waveform style

Scale – Controls size

Volume Peak – Connect to Audio Analysis plug in.

Download the qcfx   https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16456244/waveformwobblevdmx.qtz


4 thoughts on “Waveform Wobble generator for VDMX

  1. Hello!

    i just stumbled about this generator and i have a very simple use for it.
    I just installed VDMX5 and i’m totally new all of this but it seems to be very powerful.
    I think i’ve installed the two required plugins and your generator but somehow i didn’t figure out how to run it. Could you explain how to get from the start of installing VDMX 5 until using your Waveform Wobbles with the internal microphone?

    I would be very happy!

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