A few gigs coming up over the next few months.

120 MEGABYTES  Audio/Visual BERLIN

Thursday, 28 June 2012
Line-up /
Tstewart (aka Machine Drum)
Jamie Vex’d (aka Kuedo)
DJ DonnaSummer
Phoebe Kiddo
Marija Bozinovska Jones
Peter Kirn
Mark Brown
Promoter /FEED Soundspace, Network Awesome, Create Digital Music
FEED Soundspace Hobrechtsraße 65 | Hinterhaus, Etage 4 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

The 120 Megabytes Audio/Visual Event is an immersive visual-sonic environment featuring 5 video projectors and an unparalleled sound system designed by FEED Soundspace.

Presenting the first ever live show from Machine Drum’s new project Tstewart and paired with a rare beatless DJ set by Kuedo, this back to back showcase by the internationally acclaimed musicians is unusual in any city, let alone Berlin. Phoebe Kiddo and Marija Bozinovska Jones compliment the pair with an audiovisual set, Create Digital Media’s Peter Kirn provides additional video and Network Awesome’s own DJ Donna Summer (AKA Jason Forrest) brings the party.

120 Megabytes brings together musicians and visual artists in a space between sound and image. Featured weekly on Network Awesome and curated by Mark Brown, the show explores contemporary video artists and music videos with an unexpected link to the avant-garde.

The event is curated by Marija Bozinovska Jones and Network Awesome in collaboration with FEED Soundspace.


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