Flatpack Festival 2012 took place in Birmingham over the past week.

Here’s a few pictures from the BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) event that took place at VIVID and was put together by Antonio Roberts a.k.a Hellocatfood and Pete Ashton.

BYOB Birmingham Flatpack Festival 2012
Mapping with Kinect
BYOB Birmingham

BYOB Birmingham

BYOB Birmingham Flatpack Festival 2012 Laternist

BYOB Birmingham

BYOB Birmingham

The night featured over 23 artists projecting into the various nooks and crannies of the building.

I decided to use a Microsoft Kinect to map people moving around the room.

I used the Synapse application to get the Kinect talking to Quartz Composer via OSC then created particle generators that took the icons from my applications folder and spat them out from the screen.

Brain Wash resident scribe Joe Copplestone was also in attendance and you can read his blog posts covering the rest of what went on at Flatpack Festival over on the Brain Wash blog.

http://www.brainwashonline.co.uk/blog/text/13465490 Day One

http://www.brainwashonline.co.uk/blog/text/13465733 Day Two

http://www.brainwashonline.co.uk/blog/text/13465966 Day Three


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