This month i was invited to perform a realtime AV set at the GLI.TC/H festival in Birmingham.
GLI.TC/H is a international gathering of thinkers, coders and performers of noise, glitch and new media.

This years event took place during november in Chicago, Amsterdam and Birmingham, With a separate film screening the the Flip Animation festival in Wolverhampton, England.

The festival covered a wide range of Realtime + Time-based performances (audio/video), utilizing broken/bent technologies/strategies. A variety of Workshops sharing knowledge of hardware/software hacking, cracking, breaking, kludging, piracy, & tool building. Artworks and Projects, artware, videos, games, films, tapes, code, interventions, screen-captures, systems, websites & installations. Texts, lectures, essays, code, articles, & hypermedia.

That’s a lot of broken things.

The first event was a video screening that took place at Flip Animation Festival.

My video Distortion was chosen by the GLI.TC/H BOTS to be screened and i recieved this rather flash certificate.

GLI.TC/H 2011 Certificate

The festival then moved to Chicago for 3 days of workshops and performances before moving onto Amsterdam were it took place at STEIM (http://www.steim.org/steim/) the renowned research institute in the Netherlands.
Arriving in Birmingham, UK on the 19th November for the final event the event featured some of the most eminent practitioners in the glitch/new media world.

The event started with a circuit ebnding workshop hosted by Nicki Pugh and a Glitch codec workshop hosted by Nik Briz. This was followed by a series of talks expoloring the poltics and theory of the glitch scene covering a wide range of topics.
The Glitch karaoke session followed with look at how the Glitch Karaoke event first started and hooking up with some people around the world on Google chat. A crowd rendition of never gonna give you up was fun experience.

The glitch screening showed various videos including Jon Satrom’s too many cats and a gret video by vaudeo signal showcasing there circuit bent video mixers and feedback loops.

The final event of the day was the realtime AV performances. First up was a performance by a student from Birmingham City Unversity who had been set the task of performing a Realtime AV glitch set with no previous experience learning everything over the preceding week.
My set followed which was a collaboration beetween me and chromatouch using various circuit bent sounds and glitched video created using monglot.

GLI.TC/H Birmingham

My highlight of the event was a performance by The Art Of Failure. Split into 2 parts the first sent silent audio signals across the internet to servers around the world slowly picking up on the inherent glitches and errors in the system and slowly developing a cacophony of noise.
The second part of the set could only be described as the fax machine from hell.
A constant scrolling wave of glitch reacting to the audio created using Pure Data without a doubt my favorite performace of the weekend.

Glitch Birmingham 36

The night finished with Jon Satrom creator of SOS the worlds first problem based operating system performing one of his perpared desktop performances that was focused on breaking the the desktop. The desktop became the video with files being executed and glitched in realtime, ending up with multiple applications open and wave of beps and bleeps coming out of the computer.

Glitch Birmingham 40

The Birmingham GLI.TC/H festival was organsied by Antonio Roberts a.k.a Hellocatfood with support from The Arts Council and Vivid.

More photos and videos can be found at the GLI.TC/H Flickr pool and , Pete Ahston’s Youtube Channel


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